Sister Agnes

Sister Gabriel Dolores

Sr Gabriel Dolores former principal of Norn Hill died earlier this year (2016). It is no stretching the truth to say that she died with a love for Nornhill right to the end. (email from Sr Patrick Mary, now Sr Florence Haines). Homily from Funeral on Sisters of Charity website

Sister Ignatius

Mrs Lewendon

Helena Digby remembers Mrs Lewendon as the school secretary.

Sister Mary John

Helena Digby remembers Sister Mary John as being the Headmistress

Sister Patrick Mary

Taught in Norn Hill for one school year, 1963-1964. Now known as Sr Florence Haines. I returned to Ireland to attend university after Norn Hill. Subsequently I taught in a number of secondary schools here. In the nineties I spent 7 years working with volunteers in St Joseph's Hospice Hackney. At present (2014) I live in a convent in Gardiner St, Dublin and semi retired!

Sister Marcellina

Rev Mother Teresa Carmel

Not sure if this is our Teresa Carmel. Sincere apologies if not. Teresa Carmel Whittinghill died June 12, 2001 at Nazareth Home in Louisville at the age of 94. Sister Teresa Carmel was a native of Owensboro, Ky. and a member of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth for 75 years. She served as a music teacher, principal and clerical worker in Arkansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts and Ohio. Survivors include two sisters Frances Hayden of Henderson, Ky. and Edna Mae Cecil of Owensboro, Ky. and several nieces and nephews.

Mrs Church

Went to Hilsea college for a while (See Helena Digby )

Miss Fitzmaurice

Miss Fitzmaurice

Miss Fitzmaurice

Mrs Gibbons

Went to Hilsea college for a while (See Helena Digby )

Miss Fitzmorris

Miss McNulty

Mrs Morant



David Appleby

Marian Appleby

Christine Ayton

Celia Ayton


Angela Barham

I have unearthed a school photo from 1961(the year I left)I will try to send it to you once I get one of my children to explain the mysteries of scanning to me!I think I may have some more pictures hidden away so I will look them out. Regards Angela Barham (now Cowans)

Susan Barker

Jackie Beaumont

Julie Beckett

John Bennett

Anne Hennessy says (in 2009): I went on to St Annes with Francesca & Roland Harrison & both John & Martin Bennett, Martin was in my year, I met up again with John & Martin at QMC & we became quite good friends whilst at 6th form. I lost touch with Martin & John, sadly Martin died about 10 years ago (maybe more?) Martin was a lovely person & its very sad.

Bernard Bergman

Deborah Billington

Also in 1960s Outing

Phillipa Billington

See "Others" here

Julian Bishop

Susan Blake

Ann Bowman

Leone Brant

Dawn Bradley

John Brimicombe

Aidan Brophy

son of school caretaker at St Bernards

Bridget Brophy

Eddie Brophy

St Bernards Caretaker

Jacqueline Brown

John Brown

Sandra Burgess

Grace Burke

The cutting appeared in The Basingstoke Gazette on July 3rd 1970. I am the the one at the far right of the picture and I remember this…how sad is that! I was a bird. My name at the time was Grace Burke and I was 8 years 2 months old. I started at the school Easter 1967, just before my 5th birthday and left when we moved out of the area in July 1971. In addition my brother was also at the school for a couple of terms, Jan 1971 until July 1971. His name is David H.J. Burke.

Elizabeth Burman

went to the Convent of the Holy Ghost

Charles Butt

Madelaine Butt

See "1960s Outing" here


Martin Butt


Esther Camenzind

See Helena Digby

Christopher Carney

David Carney

Veronica Clark

Susan Collier

Christopher Corcoran

Vincent Corcoran

Eileen Costello

Kathleen Cotter

Christine Cronin

Irene/Pauline Cronin

Irene Cronin

Kevin Cronin

Marion Cronin

Pauline Cronin


Fergus Daley

Anthony Dasczweitz

Helena Digby

St Bernard's in 1970. I started in Mrs Gibbons Kindergarten Class and then went up to Mrs Church's Transition Class until the school closed.My brother Paul was two years ahead and my cousin Esther Camenzind four years above me. When the school closed quite a few of the pupils went onto Hilsea College. I remeber Sister Mary John as the Headmistress and Mrs Lewendon as the school secretary

Paul Digby

See Helena Digby

Guiseppe Dispensari

Mike Doggart

Adrian Donnelly

Barry Donnelly

Denise Donnelly

Jimmy Donohoe

Frances Draycott


Jenny Earle

Diane Errey

Teresa Errey

Mary Etheridge




See "1960s Outing" here

Alison Evans



See "Others" here

Keith Evans

Sian Evans

Stephen Evans


Mary Fitzpatrick

Paul Fitzpatrick

Rosalind Fletcher

Paul Fletcher

John Foran


David Galico

Hilsea College (1961-66)

David Gardner

John Gardner

Paul Gardner

See "Paul Gardner(left) and John Gardner(right) early70s in the StBernards section on Photos page" here

Tony Garman

Geoffrey Gifford

Patricia Girvan

Gillian Grady

Rachel Grassby

Stephanie Grassby

Theresa Green


Jimmy Hanafee

Margaret Hannigan

Francesca Harrison

Anne Hennessy says (in 2009): I went on to St Annes with Francesca & Roland Harrison

Roland Harrison

Anne Hennessy

James Hennessy

Patrick Hennessy

Mary Hennessy

Anne Hennessy says: My sister Mary appears in the 1962 photo, top row, fifth from the left. There is a comment on your website saying Mary died of cancer, sadly this is true, she died in February 1995. Her married name was Allen & she lived in Burgess Road, just across from the original convent school, which was in the Holy Ghost, in the Presbytery building, where the Sisters of Charity then lived. My late Father, Dick Hennessy, helped the Nuns (Sisters of Charity), cutting wood for the fires in the Bolton Lodge house & generally helping out when they needed it.

Mandy Herbert

Jackie Herbert

Sarah Herbert

Linda Higgins

Elizabeth Holland

Christine Hookings


See "1960s Outing" here

Christine Hopkins

Doreen Hopkins

Pauline Hopkins

Doreen's twin sister

Peter Hopkins

Sadly, Peter died when he was 18 years old

Bernadette Hughes

Shaun Hughes

Tommy Hughes

? Hughes

Dorothy Hutchinson

went to the Convent of the Holy Ghost

Susan Hutton

Mike Mundy says her father was a local haulage contractor



Martin Jackson

Christine Johnson

James Johnson

Jimmy Johnson

Pauline Johnson

Andrea Jones

Sadly died about 30.

Christopher Jones

Mark Jones


Anna Kemeter


See "Others" here


Gizella Kemeter


Chrystna Kot


Pamela Lambkin

Remembered by Mike Mundy

Colin Langridge

Shaun Larden

Malcolm Leavey

Jayne Leggett

Debbie Leigh

Sadly died while at school

Stephen Lilley

Oonagh Lindsay


See "Others" here

Adrian Long

Lesley Anne Lyon


Geoffrey Macklin

Edward MaGrath (Phillimore)

Trina Maher

Helena Manzie

Brian McCorry

Angela MacManus

Deidre MacManus

Anne Ferelyth Marlow

Sadly Ferelyth died in 1967.

Ian Miles

Maria Morrant

David Mullen

John Mullen

Mary Mullen

Richard Mummery

Mike Mundy

Joined school early 50s. Happy to share his contact details. Just ask using Contact page

AnneMarie Murtagh


Peter Newcombe

Jeremy Newcombe


Neil OBoyle

Peter O'Boyle

Kevin O'Kelly

Michael O'Kelly

Janet Oliver

Linda Oliver

Pamela Oliver


See "1960s Outing" here

Fiona Oram

Remembered by Mike Mundy


Judy Parsons

Michael Parsons

Keith Pearson

John Pearson

Maureen Pearson

Ruth Peck

John Powell


Trevor Quinn


Colin Rainbow

Hazel Rainbow

Maureen Ray

went to the Convent of the Holy Ghost

Pamela Rayne

Carmel Reilly

Vincent Reilly

Tony Rimell

Sandra Rivett

Tom Roach

Jenny Robinson

Marian Robinson

Maria Roca

Tessa Roca

Jennifer Rogers

Berenice Ross

Jaqueline Rutter

Robert Rutter

Sheila Rutter



See "1960s Outing" here

Wendy Rutter


Caroline Saunders

Jean Shelton

Ann Short

Mary Slatter

Susan Small

Christopher Smallbone

Greg Smallbone

Pauline Smythe


Rosemary Southcote

Ann Spencer

John Spencer

Shirley Spencer

Sandra Spreadborough

Valerie Stainer

See "Others" here


Jacqueline Staunton

Malcolm Staunton

Wendy Stephenson

Rosamund Stockbridge

Mary Stone(s)

Peter Stowell

Rosemary Sutton

Convent, Norn Hill and The Shrubbery

Rosemary Jordy (Sutton) I attended St Josephs when it first opened. I started school at the Convent, which was at the side of the Holy Ghost church, it then moved to Norn Hill in 1953. I have such fond memories of the school, it was more like a big family. I certainly did not want to leave and move to the The Shrubbery Girls School. I left in 1957 but remember a few of my classmates of when I started in Sister Marcellina's class, she was such a wonderful and patient teacher, next class was Sister Rita, then Miss Ryan and then Sister Agnes. I have been looking for old classmates, but as yet none seem to have logged on.

Barbara Sweetman

Deborah Sweetman

Now Debbie Reavell. My brother Dominic Sweetman is in the 1963 photo also in (1960 photo). My older brother, Simon was one of the founder pupils when the school started at the Holy Ghost. I went there too for a while, and then to Norn Hill. I went to the High School in 1958/9?. There were 6 of us who went to St. Josephs. I have a little photo of the centenary of Mother Mary Aikenhead - some of us were got up as nuns and one boy as a bishop.

Dominic Sweetman

James Sweetman

William Sweetman


Michael Taphouse

Terry Taphouse

Elaine Tempest

See "Others" here

Jennifer Tempest

See "Others" here

Jeremy Thornhill

Greg Tilton

Deborah Townsend

Gloria Turvey

See "Others" here

Nesta Turvey

Nuala Tuxford

Also 1960s Outing



John Veal

Robert Veal


Michael Waine

Julia Walsh

Maureen Walsh

Patricia Walsh

? Walsh

Vivienne Wehrli

Paul Wernham

Judy Woods



Keith Wogan

Brenda Worsfold








Norn Hill Pupils.
Wish we had more photos

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