Teachers at the School

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Although not a school teacher as such, Nesta Turvey (Hanson) remembers the Peggy Raynebird school of Ballet, coming in to teach ballet

The photo is from the Hilsea College website where quite a few ex St Josephs/Bernards children went. The photo is copyright Hilsea College. Please don't copy without permission.

Sister Gabriel Dolores Funeral 1924 - 2016

The photo is from the Sisters of Charity website where there is a copy of the homily read at her funeral

Note the following are from 2014. Sr Gabriel Dolores has sadly died since these were posted but I don't want to delete them as they bring back good memories.

(15 Apr 2014) Mike, don't know why I sought out this site considering I taught in Norn Hill for one school year, 1963-1964. However, even after all this time I still have some very vivid memories! You may be interested to know that Sr Gabriel Dolores is alive and well and living in Kilkenny, Ireland. Thank you for a very interesting read! Sr Florence Haines known in those far off days as Sr Patrick Mary
(11 June 2014) Sr Gabriel Dolores: I was Principal and Teacher at St Joseph’s School, Norn Hill from April 1961 to July 1964. I had just one school photograph of 1963 and a host of lovely memories. Recently, through the kindness and skill of Sr Florence ( Patrick Mary in Basingstoke days), I have seen a great amount of names and photographs. It was sheer joy! When all this material is put on paper I look forward, with pleasure,to matching names and faces as much as possible. In the meantime, my prayers, best wishes and love to you all and to your families everywhere.
St Josephs School

Many of the teachers were members of the Sisters of Charity (See also their Links page for other country specific websites)

The Sisters of Charity were founded by Mother Mary Aikenhead in Dublin in 1815. Her wish was that the poor of Christ might receive through the hands of her sisters the love and tenderness of Christ, respecting human dignity in impoverished circumstances. Mary Aikenhead sent her sisters to the people who were poor. sick, needy and marginalised.

Their motto Caritas Christi Urget Nos means, The Love of Christ Inspires Us

Mother Mary Aikenhead had 2 commemorative stamps issued in Ireland. Just search the internet for "irish stamps aikenhead".

Not sure about these

  • Sister Mary Raymond
  • Sister Dominic
  • Sister J Paul
  • Sister Marie Madden
  • Mother Celestine
  • Sister Rita
  • Miss Ryan

So far we have photos of...
  • Sister Ignatius: 1957
  • Reverend Mother Teresa Carmel: 1957
  • Sister Agnes: 1957
  • Sister Marcellina: 1957
  • Mrs Morant: 1963
  • Miss Fitzmorris: 1963
  • Sister Gabriel: 1963
  • Miss McNulty: 1963

St Bernards
  • Mrs Gibbons (Kindergarten Class 1970)
  • Mrs Church's Transition Class:
  • Sister Mary John (Headmistress)
  • Mrs Lewendon (school secretary)
  • School Caretaker: Eddie Brophy and his wife lived in the school grounds with their son Aidan who also attended the school.
Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Church left for Hilsea College